14 Jul 2020

Category: Science Fiction

Science Fiction

Battleground (Lady Hanna Series) 

Hanna Bassiano, formerly known as Lady H’ana ril-Koroth of D’neera, was, like all the people of the planet D’neera a telepath. Mutated from true-human stock, the D’neerans had claimed a world of their own to escape persecution, and started a flourishing civilization there. Now, accepted…


Der Fall des Imperiums: Roman 

Science Fiction im Breitwandformat In ferner Zukunft haben die unterschiedlichsten Völker der Galaxis ein mächtiges Imperium aus Tausenden von Welten geschaffen. Doch dieses Imperium steht vor dem Zerfall: Interessenskonflikte und Handelskriege führen zu seinem Niedergang. Eine mehr als erschreckende Entwicklung, denn eine gefährliche religiöse Sekte…

Science Fiction


The creator of the first robots with real brains, Cobb Anderson finds himself another aged “pheezer” with a bad heart, and when he is offered immortality by his creations, he risks his body and his world. Reissue.

Science Fiction

Magnificat (Galactic Milieu) 

The eagerly awaited finale of a modern SF classic–May’s Galactic Milieu Trilogy, which began with Jack the Bodiless and continued with Diamond Mask. The mystery involving Jack the Bodiless, the metaphysically talented Dorothea, and Fury, the insane metaphysic creature determined to become sole ruler over…

Action & Adventure


Otaku is the debut novel from former NFL player and tech enthusiast Chris Kluwe, with a story reminiscent of Ready Player One and Ender’s Game. Ditchtown. A city of skyscrapers, built atop the drowned bones of old Miami. A prison of steel, filled with unbelievers….