12 Jul 2020

Category: Africa


Rhodesia: A Complete History 1890-1980 

Before there was Zimbabwe, there was Rhodesia, a British colony founded by the great capital imperialist Cecil John Rhodes, and administered by the British South Africa Company. Rhodesia was the last British territory in Africa, and the most difficult to divest. This is the story…


A Global History of the Developing World 

A Global History of the Developing World takes a sweeping look at the historical foundations of the problems of developing world society. Encompassing Asia, Latin America and Africa, the book centralizes the struggle for self-determination in an attempt to understand how the current nation-states have…


Islam and Muslim Politics in Africa 

Political liberalization and economic reform, the weakening of the state, and increased global interconnections have all had profound effects on Muslim societies and the practice of Islam in Africa. The contributors to this volume investigate and illuminate the changes that have occurred in Africa, through…