This book discusses quality-related aspects of milk and milk products, covering the various analytical procedures for testing the quality and composition. It also describes the adulteration of milk and milk products and the common as well as advanced techniques used to detect such adulteration. Further, the book examines food laws, guidelines and regulations laid down by FSSAI, CODEX, ISO, IDF and USFDA, and addresses the functioning of a number of international and national organizations, including the WTO, Codex Alimentarius Commission, and BIS. Familiarizing readers with the concepts of QC, TQM, PDCA cycle and related concepts of quality assurance, the book also provides information on other topics that indirectly contribute to the quality of milk and milk products, like the calibration of milk testing equipment, quality of water used in milk processing and the standardization of various chemicals used for testing.
This book is a valuable resource for researchers and industry professionals dealing with dairy products.