If you are a student or a professional looking for more tech knowledge and skills, or if you are simply curious about the fascinating world of computer networking and its powerful applications in our everyday life, then this is the book for you!

In Computer Networking for Beginners Daniel Howard has condensed all the notions you need to pass your next exam or take a professional certification in a simple and clear way: starting from the basics, you will learn both the theoretical and the practical elements of networking, becoming proficient with network technology, regardless of your previous experience.

Learning how computers connect is not necessarily intended only for professionals.
Wireless technology is all around us: when we surf the web, use social networks or chat with friends and colleagues, we instantaneously send millions of information from one device to another. Anyone should be more aware of how this world works, especially in order to understand and avoid the potential negative impacts on our work and our privacy of the several security issues that could unexpectedly come out.

Here is a tiny fraction of what you will find:
A complete explanation of the different network systems and their components
The OSI reference model
Computer Network Communication systems and their applications
Internet, Ethernet, and wireless technology
How a router works
The precise definition of IP address, with step-by-step instructions to configure it
All the secrets to the little-known process of IP subnetting
How to configure a VLAN
An introduction to Cisco System and the CCNA certification
Computer networks’ vulnerabilities and the basics of cybersecurity
Machine learning techniques
As you can easily understand, unlike all the other guides on the same topic that give you just the basics to get started, here the author has left nothing out. Becoming a professional networking engineer is now easier than ever.
If you are ready to start the fascinating journey to discover this world, then click the BUY button and get your copy.