Families today are incredibly busy and as a result they rely heavily on Google to search for quick solutions. There’s no doubt that Google is a great time saver, but how do you know the solutions listed on Google are really the right ones?

More than 40% of Google searches looking for trusted cyber solutions result in questionable listings with some even resulting in the download of malicious malware. Unlike Google, the Cyber Solutions Guide (CSG) contains only those solutions that have been fully reviewed and vetted, so you and your family can rest assured you have solutions you can trust. And to insure your Guide is always up to date with the latest technology and solutions that are trending online, you also receive with your purchase a 1-year subscription for CSG monthly solution updates and cyber alerts.

This comprehensive Guide provides Suggestions for Safe Computing, a Guide to Additional Online Resources, and Explanations and Solution Recommendations covering many important topics for the entire family. But the really good news is that the majority of the solutions listed in the Guide – are FREE!