Exploring the processes and phenomena of Earth’s dayside magnetosphere
Energy and momentum transfer, initially taking place at the dayside magnetopause, is responsible for a variety of phenomenon that we can measure on the ground. Data obtained from observations of Earth’s dayside magnetosphere increases our knowledge of the processes by which solar wind mass, momentum, and energy enter the magnetosphere.
Dayside Magnetosphere Interactions outlines the physics and processes of dayside magnetospheric phenomena, the role of solar wind in generating ultra-low frequency waves, and solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling.
Volume highlights include:
Phenomena across different temporal and spatial scales
Discussions on dayside aurora, plume dynamics, and related dayside reconnection
Results from spacecraft observations, ground-based observations, and simulations
Discoveries from the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission and Van Allen Probes era
Exploration of foreshock, bow shock, magnetosheath, magnetopause, and cusps
Examination of similar processes occurring around other planets
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