Bülent Sari deals with the various fail-operational safety architecture methods developed with consideration of domain ECUs containing multicore processors and describes the model-driven approaches for the development of the safety lifecycle and the automated DFA. The methods presented in this study provide fail-operational system architecture and safety architecture for both conventional domains such as powertrains and for ADAS/AD systems in relation to the processing chain from sensors to actuators.
About the Author:
Bülent Sari works as a functional safety expert for autonomous driving projects. His doctoral thesis was supervised at the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines and Automotive Engineering, University of Stuttgart, Germany. He is a technical lead for not only functional safety in vehicles, but also for SOTIF, embracing the ISO 26262 standard as well as ISO PAS 21448. In this role, he coordinates and organizes the safety case execution of several product groups within different divisions of ZF.