04 Apr 2020



8 Ways to Declutter Your Brain 

“How do you handle the nightmares of life? By awakening. This book reveals how. Turn the pages and . . . Expect Miracles.” ―Joe Vitale, from the Foreword After eons of inhabiting the earth, the human brain has developed into a highly functional and complex…

Computer Science

Word Embeddings: Reliability & Semantic Change (Dissertations in Artificial Intelligence) 

Word embeddings are a form of distributional semantics increasingly popular for investigating lexical semantic change. However, typical training algorithms are probabilistic, limiting their reliability and the reproducibility of studies.Johannes Hellrich investigated this problem both empirically and theoretically and found some variants of SVD-based algorithms to…


Your Life Is A Life Of Hope 

What makes life worth living? If you ask Lord Birthday, the answer is visor hats. And lighthouses. And the stranger who gave him a half-eaten panini on the bus the other day. In Your Life Is a Life of Hope!, the Internet’s favorite mustachioed king…

Business & Money

From Woe To Flow 

Large-scale, complex systems like the health sector or transport are a challenge to manage; traditional strategic approaches often fail due to the diversity of different stakeholders and the lack of a cohesive strategy language that all within it can understand. What is needed in such…


Inorganic Battery Materials (EIC Books) 

A guide to the fundamental chemistry and recent advances of battery materials In one comprehensive volume, Inorganic Battery Materials explores the basic chemistry principles, recent advances, and the challenges and opportunities of the current and emerging technologies of battery materials. With contributions from an international…