This book discusses non-conventional digital signal processing based on direct processing of delta-sigma modulated bit-stream. The main attributes of low-pass delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters are: simple and inexpensive design, robustness of design to component tolerances, low-power consumption, high input impedance, high resolution (more than 20 bits) and possibility of direct arithmetic operation on its bit-stream. The author presents a number of theoretical and simulation results related to newly proposed linear and non-linear circuits such as delta-sigma adders, delta-sigma rectifiers, delta-sigma RMS and AGC circuits, delta-sigma frequency deviation meters, etc. The proposed circuits are not application limited and can be used in instrumentation, sensor application, bio-medical application, communications, etc.
Presents novel linear and nonlinear circuits for direct processing of delta-sigma modulated bit-stream;
The proposed circuits are supported by theoretical and simulation results;
Recommends potential applications of the proposed circuits, and proposes ideas for further investigation.