For those in the know, today’s financial headlines don’t spell disaster–they spell the sale of the century. But it takes a trustworthy veteran of the trading trenches to guide investors through these volatile times. Drawing on his two decades as a financial reporter, plus three recent years working on Wall Street, Ron Insana helps readers restore their depleted portfolios by showing them:

·How to determine reemerging opportunities in submerged markets

·Where to invest in really legit real estate

·How to magnify the magnificent opportunities in municipal bonds and Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)

·Where to go mining for the rare gems among the heaps of junk bonds now piling up around the world, and more

Revealing essential tricks of the trade and explaining complex concepts in an easy way, Insana makes Wall Street’s lucrative tips accessible to Main Street. For anyone sifting through retirement-account wreckage or a tanking net worth, How to Make a Fortune from the Biggest Bailout in U.S. History is the ultimate rescue manual for reaping rich rewards.