There is so much mystery around what works and why when it comes to making your site appear on Google search results. Over the years, Google’s algorithm has become more complex and subtle.

It’s not as easy as it once was to get a site to move up in search results, especially for keyword searches that are highly desirable. It requires a level of expertise that many site owners may feel is beyond the scope of their abilities. Google’s inner workings seem secretive and incomprehensible.

This eBook will take away much of the mystery around what I call the “technical” aspect of getting good Google rankings. Getting links from authoritative sites is also important, but if you are losing the benefit of those inbound links due to technical issues, those links aren’t doing you any good.

I have worked with so many people who were unaware that they were not benefiting from inbound links to their site. Read this eBook and you will know how to fix all roadblocks that are holding your site back from all the rankings and traffic that you deserve. Even if you are not the person who implements changes to your website, you will be able to direct those that do. You will also be able to check up on the work and make sure it was done correctly.