Indigenous Counseling is based in universal principals/truths that promote a way to think about how to live in the world and with one another that extends beyond the scope of Western European thought. Individual health and wellness is intricately interwoven into the relationships that we establish on multiple levels in our lives, those that we establish with ourselves, with others, and with the external environments with which we live. From an Indigenous perspective, health and wellness in our individual lives, families, community and world, is the result of ancient knowledge that produces action in a way that is beneficial to all beings on the planet for generations to come. The current social and political record of our country now clearly reveals the result of a paradigm that has outlived its time. No longer can we ignore the core values of our fields of study; we must take a deeper look into the academic endeavors that inform the way we pass our cultures’ values on to successive generations. While it has taken Western Science decades to catch up to Indigenous/Native Science, we now have ample scientific evidence to support claims of interconnectedness on multiple levels of individual and collective health.