Lately the consumption of information has shifted from Traditional media, which includes Tv, radio, and prints, to mobile devices, mostly because of easy access and mobility of phones especially the smartphones. With this shift everyone’s attention is moving over to the social media, and because that is where the attention of the customers is, business owners have to decide to follow the customers to where their attention is and bring their products and services to them. The easy access businesses have to reach their customers on various social media platforms using targeted sponsored adverts, gradually begins to reduce the customers’ trust, because everyone can do it, and everyone is doing it. Now the question is, who do people trust? We use the word ‘influencers’ to refer them, but they are merely friends and family. These are the people we love and admire, that we trust. There are different types of influencers and different strategies for influencer marketing. Fashion brands would have to look for fashion celebrities and influencers, restaurants would have to find people who are talking about food, and tech companies would need to connect with thought leaders with passionate blog followers talking about tech. what’s happening is that marketing is moving outside the walls of the companies and moving over to the customers which are the influencers. These influencers are taking advantage of free internet and building an empire for themselves on their mobile phones. This book is a guide for everyone interested in learning about influencer marketing