Key Features
Take your React applications to the next level with GraphQl and Relay
Explore the concepts of data fetching, data handling, and more
Learn to deploy your applications, which are compliant with GraphQl and Relay
Book Description
There’s a new choice for implementing APIs – the open source and Facebook-created GraphQL specification. Designed to solve many of the issues of working with REST, GraphQL comes alongside RelayJS, a React library for querying a server that implements the GraphQL specification. This book takes you quickly and simply through the skills you need to be able to build production ready applications with both GraphQL and RelayJS.
Beginning with a solid foundation in the GraphQl specification, this book swiftly moves to how a data layer can be implemented for your web application using Relay. Get to grips with GraphQL and Relay concepts creating data containers, data masking, and more as your progress towards building a production-ready application.
What you will learn
Understand what problem GraphQL solves and how it differs from traditional REST architectures
Create a GraphQL server
Develop modular and maintainable GraphQL code
Grasp how to define GraphQL mutations
Comprehend how to define GraphQL queries
Modify a GraphQL server to be Relay-compliant
Develop a Relay client-side application with ReactJS that consumes a GraphQL endpoint