Be the Master of Your Destiny with Scott Allan’s Best-Selling
Lifestyle Mastery Book Series

For seekers and students of mindset mastery who have read Drive Your Destiny, The Discipline of Masters and The Master of Achievement, now you can own all three life-changing books in one super bundle. It is like owning the key to the universe on your Kindle!
The Lifestyle Mastery Boxset includes:
Drive Your Destiny: Create a Vision for Your Life, Build Better Habits for Wealth and Health, and Unlock Your Inner Greatness
The Discipline of Masters: Destroy Big Obstacles, Master Your Time, Capture Creative Ideas and Become the Leader You Were Born to Be
The Master of Achievement: Conquer Fear and Adversity, Maximize Big Goals, Supercharge Your Success and Develop a Purpose Driven Mindset
Drive Your Destiny
Drive Your Destiny will teach you the keys to discovering the inner greatness within you. You will learn to take charge and direct your actions to work for you instead of against you. As you will see, neither the circumstances nor the external conditions decide your destiny—you do.
Drive Your Destiny will teach you the specific strategies to:
Master the key decisions in your life
Change your limiting beliefs with the 6-point system
Empower your life with powerful vision-building strategies
Create a portfolio of winning goals
Maximize your mental and physical energy
The Discipline of Masters
The Discipline of Masters focuses on teaching you how to empower your natural drive. You will learn to master the core areas of your life that impact happiness, achievement, mindset growth, productivity and creativity.
The Discipline of Masters will teach you how to:
Overcome big obstacles blocking your growth
Eliminate your greatest self-defeating behavior
Build superior performance activities with the best time-management techniques
Confront the habit of procrastination and learn to do it NOW
Create a system for capturing your most prolific ideas
The Master of Achievement
The Master of Achievement teaches you how to maximize your success, create more abundance, and gain a greater sense of purpose, direction and clarity. Learn the foundational principles for living a life full of greater joy by aligning your mindset with what you truly want.
The Master of Achievement will show you how to:
Implement the 16 success traits of highly successful people
Achieve your life goals with a simple step-by-step action plan
Eliminate distractions stealing your energy and focus
Remove the internal obstacles holding you back
Build a life beyond the fear-based mindset
Each book stands alone as a stepping stone to a lifetime commitment of mastery, resilience, long term goal planning, and self-efficacy.
Take charge of your destiny today, learn the specific strategies to develop an unbreakable mindset, and master the key components of your life.
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