Focusing on local wound care specifically for the dermatologist, this concise text provides a go-to source for practitioners looking for a quick solution for many of the most common wounds as well as an update on what’s new in the field. From the most basic principles of local wound care to a look at what upcoming therapies like stem cells and lasers can do, this text is comprehensive and informed.
Providing quality local wound care requires an ample knowledge of available products, their cost effectiveness, and the principles for the optimal interventions; Local Wound Care for Dermatologists includes these three guiding points in each chapter that focuses on a specific therapy. Expertly written text is accompanied by multiple tables of drug-specific names, current price points, and comparable products. Chapters include many color images, thereby providing insight to a given wound and the various therapies available to treat it. While the basics are reviewed in the opening chapters, later chapters feature updates in therapies including discussions on what’s new in skin substitutes, negative pressure wound therapy, oxygen therapy, and an update in cell based therapy.
Written with the dermatologist in mind, Local Wound Care for Dermatologists is an indispensable reference for students, residents, and practicing doctors alike. General practitioners and plastic surgeons will also find this title a useful refresher.