Are you looking for a guide that will teach you all you need to know about machine learning? Are you looking for a way to learn how to write algorithms from scratch? Then read on…
Artificial intelligence is a common part of our lives, and we use it daily. Machine learning is one application of artificial intelligence and is where software, computers and devices use cognition to learn. If you use Siri on an iPhone, Cortana on your Windows PC, or Alexa, you are already making use of machine learning, especially when they provide you with traffic news, weather predictions, search results, and more.
With this guide, you will learn the machine learning basics, using real code and open-source data sets.
You will learn:
An overview of the Python language
Popular machine learning algorithms
Basics of machine learning
Machine learning terminology
How to preprocess data
How to create data sets
How to use Scikit-learn to build models
Using TensorFlow to build neural networks
And much more
I even provide you with a multiple choice quiz, complete with answers, to help you test your knowledge.
If you know nothing about Machine Learning, this is the guide for you – simple, precise, and with plenty of examples.
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