This substantially updated and augmented second edition adds over 200 pages of text covering and an array of newer developments in nanoscale thermal transport. In Nano/Microscale Heat Transfer, 2nd edition, Dr. Zhang expands his classroom-proven text to incorporate thermal conductivity spectroscopy, time-domain and frequency-domain thermoreflectance techniques, quantum size effect on specific heat, coherent phonon, minimum thermal conductivity, interface thermal conductance, thermal interface materials, 2D sheet materials and their unique thermal properties, soft materials, first-principles simulation, hyperbolic metamaterials, magnetic polaritons, and new near-field radiation experiments and numerical simulations. Informed by over 12 years use, the author’s research experience, and feedback from teaching faculty, the book has been reorganized in many sections and enriched with more examples and homework problems. Solutions for selected problems are also available to qualified faculty via a password-protected website.
• Substantially updates and augments the widely adopted original edition, adding over 200 pages and many new illustrations;
• Incorporates student and faculty feedback from a decade of classroom use;
• Elucidates concepts explained with many examples and illustrations;
• Supports student application of theory with 300 homework problems;
• Maximizes reader understanding of micro/nanoscale thermophysical properties and processes and how to apply them to thermal science and engineering;
• Features MATLAB codes for working with size and temperature effects on thermal conductivity, specific heat of nanostructures, thin-film optics, RCWA, and near-field radiation.