If you are interested in learning Node, then this book will get you started quickly. This is a ‘no-fluff’ fast-track guide to learning Node the right way. Node is great for back-end development using the power of functional programming with JavaScript. You do not need to learn JavaScript to learn Node, though learning JavaScript is helpful in learning Node’s syntax. Node, like Python, are actually based or built on server-side procedural languages like C++. This is why you can use Node and Python to implement or directly interface with server-side functionality and services like FTP, HTTP Web, SMTP and much more. You cannot create these types or interact directly with server-side services using ‘front-end’ technologies like JavaScript. In order for JavaScript to use server-side services, the JavaScript needs to make (most common) AJAX calls to the server. The server-side back-end code like Node, is used to implement the request and return the results back to the client (web browser). With Node, you can also create MVC style web applications or use Node as Web Server. You will learn a lot in a short amount of time by reading this guide.