All you need to make it work is a little bit of time on the weekend, some storage containers!
This guide to plant-based meal prep planning makes it easy to prep healthy meals for the week ahead in order to save time, money, energy, and calories!
My goal here was to give you a quick guide to easy plant-based meal planning—some ideas for how you can plan out balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for the week ahead.
As a Therapist and Dietitian, every day I tell my clients that if all else fails, there are a few simple tweaks they can do to their diet to set themselves up for success ( It works!). Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Even a couple hours on the weekends makes a HUGE difference.
In the Plant Based Diet Meal Prep you’ll find:
7 Reasons Why the Plant-based diet is the best
Main Foods on this diet
Easy, Healthy and Quick Plant Based Diet Recipes from smoothies and salads to mains and desserts, plus key macronutrient information
Tips for Stocking Your Kitchen with the essentials for your new meal prep plan.
Enjoy reading Your Plant-Based Meal Prep Cookbook!

Attention Please: Paperback is available only in black-and-white format.