Practical Mentalism: Tapping the Power of Your Mind for Everyday VICTORY


Jean Jacques Rousseau quote: “Man was born free. But everywhere, he is in CHAINS.”

Rousseau may have been talking about political and religious systems but his observation was spot on regarding how MOST people choose to live their lives

We have TREMENDOUS POWER over our reality

In fact, ALL of us actively SHAPE our reality. We are the MASTERS of our reality.

Just through the daily operations of our minds.

The PROBLEM? Most of us don’t claim this power. We live our lives based on: – obligation – custom – tradition – bad habits

The REALITY? We live our lives so that we

– fail to live up to our fullest potential – wallow in self-pity and victimhood – fail to accept ownership and responsibility for our lives – live in contempt, anger, and frustration – allow guilt, regret, and yearning to keep us miserable


We refuse to CLAIM OUR POWER

This book teaches MENTALISM – the power to shape our reality

* It is not magic * It is not mysticism or religion

Instead, it works the WAY our minds ALREADY WORK

But instead of working AGAINST US, we TRAIN our minds to WORK for us.

Chapter 1

Peel Back the Curtains and you’ll see the REALITY of your life

– We are mentally lazy
* assume * expect * we dont’ take the initiative

Take inventory of your life

See things for WHAT they are… not what you WISH to see or what is EXPECTED of you

Chapter 2

Our lives are INTENTIONAL

Our internal world is the CAUSE of our EXTERNAL world – everything people can see from the outside is a product of CHOICE – internal values have external manifestations

Everything in our lives are CHOICES

Actual cause versus our RESPONSE to our causes – These RESPONSES have an impact / consequences

All habits spring from choices

Chapter 3

Too many of us choose to be BLIND

The problem? Although our lives are the results of our choices, we choose to be BLIND to this

We do things on auto pilot

We take the path of least resistance

We make choices by ‘automatic’ association

But these are still ALL CHOICES

Choices can be MADE… and UNDONE

Chapter 4
The CORE of Mentalism
You CAN live the life you want by CHANGING the only THING you can FULLY CONTROL – your thoughts

Chapter 5
All stimuli are NEUTRAL

Chapter 6
We use a Mental Filter – Of thousands of stimuli, we choose to be aware of a % – Of % we choose to be aware of, we READ it a certain way – at least 2 ways fo reading

Chapter 7
Habits Deconstructed – Trigger (Thoughts) – Habitual Action (MORE THOUGHTS) – Reward (Emotional State – which leads to action)