Explore a world full of possibilities with this Step-by-Step Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide

+30 fun projects you can do with your Raspberry. All explained from zero, especially for beginners and average users

In recent years, two platforms have gained immense popularity in the electronics world. Thanks to Raspberry Pi, everyone can start creating interesting electronic projects! This book will introduce everyone to this extremely popular single-board computer.

Who Is The Raspberry Pi Book For?

The book has been written for everyone. Beginners and advanced users welco No knowledge of Raspberry Pi, programming, or Linux systems is required. Knowledge of basic electronics concepts is welcome, but not a prerequisite!

Rasberry Pi has numerous applications! To take advantage of the possibilities that a Raspberry offers us, you need to take the first step and learn the basics of working with this computer. This book begins with Raspberry Pi’s complete fundamentals: from system installation (in many ways), through necessary configurations and expert use of Linux, to universal GPIO ports.

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