In Jan. 2010, I became the Social Media manager for an international nonprofit organization, the Facebook fan page and Twitter accounts were only at a couple hundred followers and the growth was nonexistent. Fast forward to Oct. 2012 the Facebook Fan page hit One Million fans and the Twitter hit 750 thousand followers. In November 2013, the Facebook fan page hit 2 Million fans and the Twitter hit 1 Million followers. Fast forward to 2015 and this organization has over 4 Million Facebook fans, 2 Million Twitter followers, 125,000 YouTube followers and thousands of additional followers on a variety of platforms.

With this type of success it was time to help others achieve these results and learn how to best use Social Media as the innovative, engaging and communication platform it was meant to be. Social Media has given us platforms to evolve the way we communicate and stay connected online. As new platforms arrive, the methods and strategies we use change as well as in some ways stay the same. Social Connections takes an in-depth look at the ways we communicate on these platforms and what consistent methods we can use to best stay connected.