The current state of the facility management world is dynamic and evolving. More and more facility managers are participating in the design and construction of the buildings that they will eventually operate. Technologies such as building information modeling (BIM) offer ways to bridge the gap between the design and construction phase and the operation of buildings by making much more information available than existed in the past. We are also starting to see the emergence of the importance of a properly educated workforce in facility management. Emerging trends and issues include the effective utilization of performance management tools, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Triple Bottom line. This book captures, in a practical and utilitarian way, information, best practices, and processes that will assist facility managers in addressing these trends as well as ongoing challenges. It provides a set of benchmarks, reference points and guidance that will enable the facility management community to be better informed and prepared in the execution of its mission. It serves as a great resource for those who are veterans in the community as well as those who are new entrants to or are examining the career opportunities within.