08 Aug 2020

Tag: Applied


Non-perturbative Renormalization Group Approach to Some Out-of-Equilibrium Systems: Diffusive Epidemic Process and Fully Developed Turbulence (Springer Theses) 

This thesis presents the application of non-perturbative, or functional, renormalization group to study the physics of critical stationary states in systems out-of-equilibrium. Two different systems are thereby studied. The first system is the diffusive epidemic process, a stochastic process which models the propagation of an…


Introduction to the Mathematical Structure of Quantum Mechanics, An: A Short Course for Mathematicians (2nd Edition) (Advanced Series in Mathematical Physics) Ed 2 

The second printing contains a critical discussion of Dirac derivation of canonical quantization, which is instead deduced from general geometric structures. This book arises out of the need for Quantum Mechanics (QM) to be part of the common education of mathematics students. The mathematical structure…