17 Feb 2020

Tag: Conservation


Design of Solar Thermal Power Plants 

Design of Solar Thermal Power Plants introduces the basic design methods of solar thermal power plants for technicians engaged in solar thermal power generation engineering. This book includes the author’s theoretical investigation and study findings in solar heat concentrators, a performance evaluation of solar thermal…


Fundamentals of Power Electronics 

Fundamentals of Power Electronics, Second Edition, is an up-to-date and authoritative text and reference book on power electronics. This new edition retains the original objective and philosophy of focusing on the fundamental principles, models, and technical requirements needed for designing practical power electronic systems while…


Fundamentals of Combustion Engineering 

This book is an introductory text on fundamental aspects of combustion including thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and chemical kinetics which are used to systematically derive the basic concepts of combustion. Apart from the fundamental aspects, many of the emerging topics in the field like…

Basic Sciences

Fundamentals of Biofuel Production Processes 

Focusing on fundamentals of biofuel production from renewable energy sources and biohydrogen production, this book offers a complete understanding of the bioconversion processes. Each chapter begins with a fundamental explanation for general readers and ends with in-depth scientific details suitable for expert readers. It discusses…


Corrosion Inhibitors in the Oil and Gas Industry 

Provides comprehensive coverage of corrosion inhibitors in the oil and gas industries Considering the high importance of corrosion inhibitor development for the oil and gas sectors, this book provides a thorough overview of the most recent advancements in this field. It systematically addresses corrosion inhibitors…


Intelligent Manufacturing and Energy Sustainability: Proceedings of ICIMES 2019 (Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies) 

This book includes selected, high-quality papers presented at the International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing and Energy Sustainability (ICIMES 2019) held at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Malla Reddy College of Engineering & Technology (MRCET), Maisammaguda, Hyderabad, India, from 21 to 22 June 2019. It covers…


Standard Handbook of Powerplant Engineering 

Extensively revised and updated, this new edition of a classic resource provides powerplant engineers with a full range of information from basic operations to leading-edge technologies, including steam generation, turbines and diesels, fuels and fuel handling, pollution control, plant electrical systems, and instrumentation and control….

Earth Sciences

Closed Loop Management in Mineral Resource Extraction: Turning Online Geo-Data into Mining Intelligence (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology) 

This book describes an innovative closed-loop concept that allows the feedback of online data from operational monitoring to create mining intelligence. The application of this concept promises significant improvements in economic and environmental key performance indicators for any mining operation. Combining theory with industrial case…