08 Aug 2020

Tag: Industrial, Manufacturing & Operational Systems


The Automotive Body Manufacturing Systems and Processes 

A comprehensive and dedicated guide to automotive production lines, The Automotive Body Manufacturing Systems and Processes addresses automotive body processes from the stamping operations through the final assembly activities. To begin, it discusses current metal forming practices, including stamping engineering, die development, and dimensional validation,…

Business & Money

Statistical Analysis of Profile Monitoring 

A one-of-a-kind presentation of the major achievements in statistical profile monitoring methods Statistical profile monitoring is an area of statistical quality control that is growing in significance for researchers and practitioners, specifically because of its range of applicability across various service and manufacturing settings. Comprised…


The History of Grinding 

An in-depth examination of the oldest engineering process, The History of Grinding begins at the start of agriculture and outlines how size reduction developed over the centuries(without completely immersing the reader in technical detail). Great technical achievements have led to the machines of today, which…


Fundamentals of Aqueous Metallurgy 

This comprehensive technical reference provides an overview of aqueous metallurgy and its applications in mineral processing operations. The text presents the physicochemical principles of various water-based processes, including interfacial phenomena, hydrometallurgy, and metallurgical kinetics. Written as a text for college- and graduate-level instruction, the book…

Business & Money

Sustainability in the Textile and Apparel Industries: Consumerism and Fashion Sustainability (Sustainable Textiles: Production, Processing, Manufacturing & Chemistry) 

This book is part of a five-volume set that explores sustainability in textile industry practices globally. Case studies are provided that cover the theoretical and practical implications of sustainable textile issues, including environmental footprints of textile manufacturing, consumer behavior, eco-design in clothing and apparels, supply…

Computers & Technology

Proceedings of the 2nd International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Image and Imagination: IMG 2019 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (1140)) 

This book gathers peer-reviewed papers presented at the 1st International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Image and Imagination (IMG 2019), held in Alghero, Italy, in July 2019. Highlighting interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research concerning graphics science and education, the papers address theoretical research as well as applications,…