30 Mar 2020

Tag: Instruction Methods

Business & Money

The Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education: Volume 2 Tools and Processes in Mathematics Teacher Education (Second Edition) (The International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education) Ed 2 

Tools and Processes in Mathematics Teacher Education describes and analyze various promising tools and processes, from different perspectives, aimed at facilitating mathematics teacher learning/development. It provides insights of how mathematics teacher educators think about and approach their work with teachers.

Behavioral Sciences

Elementary Mathematics Curriculum Materials: Designs for Student Learning and Teacher Enactment (Research in Mathematics Education) 

The book presents comparative analyses of five elementary mathematics curriculum programs used in the U.S. from three different perspectives: the mathematical emphasis, the pedagogical approaches, and how authors communicate with teachers. These perspectives comprise a framework for examining what curriculum materials are comprised of, what…

Education & Teaching

From Analysis to Visualization: A Celebration of the Life and Legacy of Jonathan M. Borwein, Callaghan, Australia, September 2017 (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics (313)) 

Students and researchers from all fields of mathematics are invited to read and treasure this special Proceedings. A conference was held 25 –29 September 2017 at Noah’s On the Beach, Newcastle, Australia, to commemorate the life and work of Jonathan M. Borwein, a mathematician extraordinaire…

Education & Teaching

Understanding Abnormal Behavior Ed 9 

Featuring current research, high-quality scholarship, and an appealing design, UNDERSTANDING ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR, 9E, provides an inviting and stimulating look into abnormal psychology. The first abnormal psychology book to present a thoroughly integrated multicultural perspective–based on the authors’ view that cross-cultural comparisons can greatly enhance the…

Arts & Photography

Persuasion: Reception and Responsibility Ed 12 

Intended for courses in persuasion, propaganda, advertising/marketing, or any course dealing with rhetorical and/or media criticism that takes a consumer approach to advertising, the media, and political persuasion. These courses are offered at four-year schools in departments of speech, speech communication, mass communication, communication studies…