12 Jul 2020

Tag: International & World Politics

Politics & Government

Globalised Minds, Roots in the City: Urban Upper-middle Classes in Europe (IJURR Studies in Urban and Social Change Book Series) 

Globalised Minds, Roots in the City utilises empirical evidence from four European cities to explore the role of urban upper middle classes in the transformations experienced by contemporary European societies. Presents new empirical evidence collected through an original comparative research about professionals and managers in…

Business & Money

The Bourgeois and the Savage: A Marxian Critique of the Image of the Isolated Individual in Defoe, Turgot and Smith (Marx, Engels, and Marxisms) 

This classic text in Italian history of political philosophy, translated into English for the first time, investigates the philosophical and ideological conceptions hidden beneath the modern image of the isolated individual. In The Bourgeois and the Savage, Alfonso Maurizio Iacono reveals that this apparently simple…

Foreign & International Law

Ethics of Medical Innovation, Experimentation, and Enhancement in Military and Humanitarian Contexts (Military and Humanitarian Health Ethics) 

This book discusses ethical questions surrounding research and innovation in military and humanitarian contexts. It focuses on human enhancement in the military. Recently, the availability of medical enhancement designed to make soldiers more capable of surviving during conflict, as well as enabling them to defeat…

Business & Money

Socio-Economic Democracy and the World Government: Collective Capitalism, Depovertization, Human Rights, Template for Sustainable Peace 

In developing an enlightened socio-economic-political environment, this book provides a new socio-economic-political system based on (i) Collective Capitalism (CCP) of cooperatively managed institutions and enterprises, and (ii) a Civilian Democracy (CDM) sans political parties, whereby the most qualified representatives of all the functional sectors of…

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Human Dimensions of Cybersecurity 

“In Human Dimensions of Cyber Security, Terry Bossomaier, Steven D’Alessandro, and Roger Bradbury have produced a book that … shows how it is indeed possible to achieve what we all need; a multidisciplinary, rigorously researched and argued, and above all accessible account of cybersecurity ―…