12 Jul 2020

Tag: Public Affairs & Policy

Politics & Government

Globalised Minds, Roots in the City: Urban Upper-middle Classes in Europe (IJURR Studies in Urban and Social Change Book Series) 

Globalised Minds, Roots in the City utilises empirical evidence from four European cities to explore the role of urban upper middle classes in the transformations experienced by contemporary European societies. Presents new empirical evidence collected through an original comparative research about professionals and managers in…

Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural Growth and Rural Poverty Reduction in India: Targeting Investments and Input Subsidies (India Studies in Business and Economics) 

This book provides a blueprint for the allocation of public expenditures “in” and “for” agriculture at the dis-aggregated state level and suggests a reorientation in favour of disadvantaged regions where the marginal returns on additional investments would be higher. It provides insights into the inter-linkages…

Politics & Government

The Handbook of Public Sector Communication (Handbooks in Communication and Media) 

A multidisciplinary collection on global public entity strategic communication Research into public sector communication investigates the interaction between public and governmental entities and citizens within their sphere of influence. Today’s public sector organizations are operating in environments where people receive their information from multiple sources….

Business & Money

From Reproduction to Evolutionary Governance: Toward an Evolutionary Political Economy (Evolutionary Economics and Social Complexity Science (20)) 

This book combines modern evolutionary economics and classical political economy. Modern evolutionary economics with its pluralistic and contingent view of reproduction does not presuppose equilibrium or harmonious reproduction. A society that consists of multiple agents needs to establish an order from the interactions of those…

Business & Money

Statelessness and Contemporary Enslavement 

Why have statelessness and contemporary enslavement become endemic since the 1990s? What is it about global political economic policies, protracted warfare, and migration rules and patterns that have so systemically increased these extreme forms of vulnerability? Why have intellectual communities largely ignored or fundamentally rejected…


Urban Space And Representation 

Theories of urban space have become the focus of a great deal of work by scholars in cultural geography, urban studies and critical theory. This volume contributes to that debate by analysing the relationship between theories of urban space and literary and visual representations of…