Build a Portfolio and Demo Reel Strategy that Delivers

When trying to get work in any creative-based industry, the fact is, and always will remain, “Your chance of being employed is directly related to your body of work”. It sounds easy right? All you have to do is complete lots of really good work, put it in a portfolio and demo reel and then you get a job.

Well, there is a problem with this convenient theory and it comes in the form of competition. These days, the world is a lot more populated with great artists and animators, all possessing dreams of making it in the exciting world of films, games, television or media, and they too have lots of really good work.

So how can you stand out from this ever growing crowd, especially when learning the craft has become easier today than ever before?

Is there possibly some kind of formula or recipe that exists for landing on an employer’s radar, and can it be broken down into easy to follow steps?

After conducting extensive research via objective feedback and real-world advice, collected from leading experts in the digital content world, I can honestly answer this question with a resounding, YES!!!.

In this book, I have broken down this information into easy to understand advice and principles, so you can follow a simple formula to land your perfect job, in any of the digital content and creative industries.