The Power before Thought:
10 Compelling Ways to Manifest Abundance, Magic and Miracles in Your Life
Do you suspect there’s more to life than you’ve experienced?
Have you ever wondered if life is an illusion – a dream you could one day awaken from?
Reading this book will help you to find the answers to your biggest question: How to step out from behind the shadows to claim the health, abundance, joy and freedom we all suspect is out there and know we deserve. As you read this “The Power Before Thought” guide, you will discover and learn useful spiritual principles and ideas, while gaining priceless tools that you can use to manifest your desires, dreams and make miracles in life.
>>> A user friendly spiritual guide for achieving inner peace
Use this friendly guide as your spiritual abundance and inner peace blueprint to help you achieve inner peace and happiness for yourself. World-renowned spiritual teacher and author Nigel Taylor shows you a user friendly guide with great tools and helpful material that is real, practical, dynamic, masterful and life enriching. Taylor teaches you simple, easy to apply pathway that can be applied by anyone in search of a powerful and effective connection to the laws that govern this universe.
Now you can learn how to manifest your dreams and make miracles in life by following these steps:
Learn how to soar above the illusion of limitation and fill your life with a power that can propel you into a world of infinite possibility
Learn how to clear-cut and lasting improvements in all areas of your life.
Learn how to experience the greatest ease in your relationships
A full 30-day programme of guidance
Learn proven keys to unlock great manifestation and dramatic transformation in your life
Learn great meditation to support the journey
And much much more…
>>> Are you ready to achieve the power of now?
Start achieving the power of now! Now you can truly learn how to get inner peace, without any of the frustration you’ve experienced in the past! Reading this book will help you understand yourself and your inner challenges. Discover the “hidden secrets” of achieving inner peace by reading the top ways you need to succeed at anything, including the top spiritual ideas that will free your mind and will cause you to live a life without regrets!
>>> The first step to begin your magnificent adventure
This book has been taking people by surprise. It is short, concise, deep and full of practical wisdom. It will guide you towards the inner peace of a yogi, because Taylor’s writing style is natural, deep, and real – leaving you feeling as though you’ve just been speaking with a friend you’ve known your entire life. How far and how deep do you need to go before you stop searching and start living? The pathway is before you now in The Power Before Thought – will you take the first step and begin your magnificent adventure?
About the Author
Nigel R. Taylor is an author, teacher, healer, and spiritual counselor. Known to his peers and students as an extraordinarily gifted Lightworker, he travels the world sharing love, light, and wisdom and is known for the powerful presentation of his message. Speaking directly from his own life experiences, he communicates a love of the Divine, a reverence for truth, and a mastery of the path.
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