While instant communication is now easier than ever, people’s attention is spread thin, time has never been more valuable, and disengagement in both customers and employees is at an all-time high. This means most brands never reach their full potential. But what would it look like if your customers were no longer disenchanted from being chased across the internet and hounded for likes, shares, opt-ins, and purchases?

There’s a way to break this cycle that doesn’t include using meaningless jargon or flashy but confusing digital marketing tools. To truly connect with your customers and employees, you need a straightforward plan that will amplify your message and propel you to a degree of engagement that you never realized existed.

In The Seventh Level, Amanda Slavin hands you the keys to unlock authentic engagement and attain higher achievement across the board. Slavin unveils the tools to measure and grow your brand’s engagement, forge a deeper, more personal connection with customers, and unite your employees around a shared mission. If you want to dismantle the obstacles standing in your way of engagement, let The Seventh Level be your guide.