“This unique and timely text examines the most prevalent substance and
process addictions and focuses on current research and evidence-based
treatment strategies. Dr. Smith and his contributing authors, all with
substantial clinical experience in working with addictions, highlight the
models and methods used to treat addictions. Major substance addictions
examined include alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, methamphetamines, and
prescription drugs. Complete chapters are also devoted to the most
frequently cited process addictions, making this text unique. Behavioral
addictions covered in this text include pathological gambling, sex disorders,
disordered eating, work, exercise, shopping, and Internet/gaming.
With its emphasis on treatment strategies, this book can be used by
practitioners, as well as by professors in the classroom in introductory
courses in addictions or in subsequent courses that focus on treatment

Each chapter contains student learning outcomes, a case study
with reflective questions, techniques for assessment and diagnosis,
inpatient and outpatient treatment approaches, and resources for
further study
Coverage of cooccurring disorders, neuroscience research findings,
and addictions treatment programs”